Ecce Gallery sells fine art in Fargo, North Dakota.

A focal point for exhibition of local and regional artists, ecce serves as a springboard for emerging talent and a respected destination for established artists.

208 Roberts Alley
Fargo, ND 58102

Tues – Sat 12-6 / Sun 12-5

tel: (701) 361 – 7067

Mark Weiler
Founder + Director


Mike Marth | Plains Art Museum Solo Exhibition

This is Not a Still Life explores the multiple dimensions of Moorhead (MN)-based artist Mike Marth’s artwork and its remarkable evolution. Exhibiting a mastery of materials, Marth’s work is often formal in nature, emphasizing its inherent qualities of form, style, symbolism, and texture. In 2000 Plains Art Museum exhibited a solo exhibition of Marth’s work titled A Decade of Still Life featuring his early work. This work consisted of painterly and sculptural pieces deconstructing the tradition of still life painting. Since then, Marth’s work has progressed in a variety of directions – often transforming industrial and organic material into surprising inventions and wide-ranging forms.

Join us for the summer exhibition reception on July 12, 7 – 9pm.

Bob Crowe | Design & Living Magazine

South of Fargo stands a yellow farmhouse that is inhabited by local artist, Bob Crowe. This humble, well-known figure has had an undeniable impact on the art community in the FM area. To celebrate his participation in a recent group show at The Rourke Art Gallery + Museum, we visited with Crowe to discuss the exhibition, the camaraderie he has shared with his fellow artists for the past 25 years and how his idyllic childhood challenged him to develop creatively.

Dan Jones | Design & Living Magazine

An insight into the latest work and process of regionally-recognized artist Dan Jones.

Behind Closed Doors | Design & Living Magazine

An intimate look inside the homes of collectors.

Mike Marth | Design & Living Magazine

Insightful article on artist Mike Marth in Design & Living Magazine.

Warren W. Kessler featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Ecce Gallery artist Warren W. Kessler’s recent painting Gone Fishing is included in the photo essay “Deceits That Delight” in the July/August issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.


Amber Fletschock on Prairie Mosaic

Amber Fletschock is a collage artist working from the rugged forests of central Minnesota. Inspired by the nature surrounding her, Amber’s work is a response to the chaos and abundance of modern times.

Prairie Business

More downtown Fargo businesses are opening Sundays

Ecce Gallery is another local business open on Sunday along Zandbroz Variety whose ownerGreg Danz has been opening on Sundays ever since the change to North Dakota’s “blue laws” allowed for it in 1991. He said he felt it was important to open Sundays in order to stay competitive with stores in the mall.

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Fargo Forum

Paintings as illusions: Kessler weaves historical narrative with first solo show

Warren Kessler is a magician with a paintbrush. At least, he creates illusions like one.

Kessler’s newest series of artworks are trompe-l’oeil (pronounced tromp-loy), meaning to paint using optical illusion. Kessler wants to entertain and intrigue his audiences.

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Valley News

You only get one chance to check out Northern Folk Pop-Up Shop

When the doors opened, the crowds poured in. You only get one chance to check out Northern Folk Pop-Up Shop. It’s a first of its kind American-made pop-up shop right in downtown Fargo at Ecce Art Gallery.

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208 Roberts Alley
Fargo, ND 58102
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Tues - Sat 12-6
Sun 12-5