Brittany Anderson2017

Brittany Anderson2017

The work I produce is motivated by the natural landscapes that I inhabit, places I have been and have grown a relationship to – while studying and reading them as elements of beauty and isolation. By exploring these temporal landscapes, I pose the question of what it means to be connected yet disconnected within the same place.

I am compelled by the unattainable and the impulse to explore, constantly trying to comprehend how nature influences our lives, instilling memories in our minds and filling us with emotional responses of yearning and nostalgia.

My art practice is currently a response of emotional content. Feelings of isolation, solitude, and quiet pervade throughout my work. I am not concerned on solely painting a pretty picture.

Author Rebecca Solnit’s curiosity of relationships to places provoked this response, delving into her question on finding these things- these feelings, that are in some ways about extending the boundaries of the self into unknown territory.


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