Georgia Mrazkova

    Georgia Mrazkova

    I grew up in a flat prairie town in South Dakota, where the
    austerity and angularity of my surroundings imbued me with a
    longing for the exotic and strange, even as the endless horizon,
    expansive skies and lakes and sloughs of my native land made
    an indelible impression on my psyche.

    I left the prairie to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and
    Design, where I was the recipient of the Miles and Shirley
    Fiterman Award for Fine Arts.  After graduation I showed my
    work in Minneapolis and Cincinnati and received a State Arts
    Board Artist Initiative Grant and an Art in Space grant.
    My imagery is nostalgic and dreamy and invites the viewer to go
    in and wander around in the macro and micro spaces of the
    painting. The work is open ended and encourages the viewer to
    spin their own narrative and aesthetic experience. My work
    delves into the sensual and mystical aspects of the things of the
    world which is of necessity sometimes touched with foreboding.

    My paintings touch on questions about disintegration,
    reformation, growth, decay, and what’s behind the veil of
    materiality. Space in the paintings reflects psychological states,
    both personally and culturally.


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